Important Dates

ITC Specialist Seminar
Special session proposals:
May, 1st, 2013
Paper submission:
June, 24th, 2013
Acceptance notification:
August 1st, 2013
August 9th, 2013
Final paper submission:
September 15th, 2013 (extended)
Early bird registration:
October 1st, 2013 (Newer deadline)
Conference: November 20-22, 2013


University of Canterbury


Telecom NZ


Engineers Australia


On Tuesday, the 19th of November 2013, the conference's registration desk will be open  in the Chateau on the Park between 3:30 pm and 6:0 pm.

The following days, it will be open from 8:00 am on Wednesday, and from  8:30 am on Thursday and Friday.

Draft Conference Program

Listed below are draft programs for ITC SS EEGN and ATNAC 2013. They may be subject to change but currently represent a realistic program based on available information. At the bottom of these two lists is the proposed detailed layout of the sessions including invited talks, special sessions and tutorials.

TimeSession 1Session 2
Wednesday, 20th November
8:00Registration opens
8:45Welcome and opening address
9:00Invited #1: Professor Franco Davoli
9:50Invited #2: Dr. Iain Collings
10:40Morning tea break
11:00ATNAC Session #1
Mobile Cellular and Wireless Networks I
ITC SS Session #1
Energy Reduction in Cellular and Wireless Networks
13:45ATNAC Session #2
Internet Technologies
ATNAC Session #3
Optical Communications and Network Architectures
15:25Afternoon tea
15:45ATNAC Session #4
Mobile Cellular and Wireless Networks II
ITC SS Tutorial
18:00Cocktail Function - sponsored by Tait Communications and Telecom New Zealand
Thursday, 21st November
8:30Registration opens
9:00Invited #3: Professor Abbas Jamalipour
9:40Invited #4: Professor Neville Watson
10:30Morning tea break
10:50ATNAC Session #5
Mobile Cellular and Wireless Networks III
ITC SS Session #2
Energy Saving for Applications and Networks
13:30ATNAC Session #6
Performance Analysis
ITC SS Panel Discussion
15:10Afternoon tea
15:30ATNAC Session #7
Channel Modelling and Scheduling
ATNAC Session #8
Networks and Management
19:00Conference dinner - sponsored by Allied Telesis
Friday, 22nd November
8:30Registration opens
9:00Invited #5: Dr Prasan de Silva
9:40Invited #6: Dr Murray Milner
10:30Morning tea break
10:50ATNAC Session #9
Network Based Applications
ITC SS Session #3
Performance Impacts Through Energy Saving
13:30ATNAC Session #10
Quality of Service
ATNAC Demonstration Session
15:10Conference closing session

ITC Specialist Seminar Technical Sessions

Session 1: Energy Reduction in Cellular and Wireless Networks

Wednesday 20th November – 11:00 – 12:40 
Trade-Offs for Video-Providers in LTE Networks: Smartphone Energy Consumption Vs Wasted Traffic
Christian Schwartz; Marc Scheib; Tobias Hoßfeld; Phuoc Tran-Gia; Jose Manuel Giménez Guzmán
An Energy Saving Approach for Femtocell Coverage Function
Anna Dudnikova; Daniela Panno
QoE-Based Energy Reduction by Controlling the 3G Cellular Data Traffic on the Smartphone

Selim Ickin; Katarzyna Wac; Markus Fiedler
Small Cells in UMTS Radio Access Networks: Implications on Coverage and Energy Efficiency
Andreas Baumgartner; Thomas Bauschert

Session 2: Energy Saving for Applications and Networks

Thursday 21st November – 10:50 – 12:30 
Network-Wide Power Management in Computer Networks
Ewa Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz; Andrzej Sikora; Michał Marks; Piotr Arabas
EESManager: Making Greener Cloud Apps

Chutiwan Rakjit; William Liu; Jairo A Gutierrez
Evaluation of Energy Consumption and Data Access Time in Data Fetching in Grid-based Data-Intensive Applications
Saghar Izadpanah; Franco R. Davoli; Krzysztof Pawlikowski; Don McNickle
Power Management and TCP Congestion Control: Friends or Foes?
Carla Panarello; Alfio Lombardo; Giovanni Schembra; Michela Meo; Marco Mellia; Marco G Ajmone Marsan

Session 3: Performance Impacts through Energy Saving

Friday 22nd November – 10:50 – 12:30 
Performance-Energy Trade-Off in Data Centers: Impact of Switching Delay
Xiaohua Lu; Samuli Aalto; Pasi Lassila
High-Power LED Dimming Driver with Multi-Level Current for Smart Street Lighting System
Shih Chang Hsia
Controversial Substantiation Between Disaster Risk Reduction and Hedging Investment Risk: Case Study on Data Center Risk Management
Montri Wiboonrat

ATNAC Technical Sessions

Session 1: Mobile Cellular and Wireless Networks – I

Wednesday 20th November – 11:00 – 12:40 
Optimum Power Allocation for Sensor Networks that Perform Object Classification
Gholamreza Alirezaei; Rudolf Mathar
A Model of Self Deployment to Maximise Area Coverage in Sensor Networks
Anthony Krzesinski; Johannes Goebel
Efficient Mobility Management Using Simplified Cellular IP

Sobia Omer; Sajid Qamar; Rein Vesilo; Eryk Dutkiewicz
Hunter Friendly Fire Avoidance: Modeling a wireless solution
Craig Walker; Adnan Al-Anbuky

Session 2: Internet Technologies

Wednesday 20th November – 13:45 – 15:25 
Quantifying the Performance Degradation of IPv6 for TCP in Windows and Linux Networking
Burjiz Soorty; Nurul I Sarkar
Flow-Aware Networking as an Architecture for the IPv6 QoS Parallel Internet
Jerzy Domżał
Scaling Analysis of the Internet Traffic Structural Dynamics
Muhammad Asad Arfeen; Krzysztof Pawlikowski; Don McNickle; Andreas Willig
Burjiz Soorty; Nurul I Sarkar
On the Accuracy of Leveraging SDN for Passive Network Measurements
Michael Jarschel; Thomas Zinner; Thomas Höhn; Phuoc Tran-Gia

Session 3: Optical Communications and Network Architectures

Wednesday 20th November – 13:45 – 15:25 
A Delay-based Void Filling DBA in Long-reach EPON for Multimedia Services
Pu-Chen Mao; Ho-Ting Wu; Kai-Wei Ke
Performance analysis of multistage switching networks

Zbigniew Hulicki
Estimation of Round Trip Time in Distributed Real Time System Architectures
Ananda Maiti; Alexander A. Kist; Andrew Maxwell
Feeder Fiber and OLT Protection for Ring-and-Spur Long-reach Passive Optical Network
Huda Abbas; Mark A. Gregory

Session 4: Mobile Cellular and Wireless Networks – II

Wednesday 20th November – 15:45 – 17:25 
Uplink VoIP Capacity of 3GPP LTE under Power Control and Semi-Persistent Scheduling
Maciej Mühleisen; Bernhard H. Walke; Andreas Timm-Giel
Route Caching in DTNs Interconnected by Infrastructure
Md. Enamul HaqueYasser Kamal Hassan; Anika Aziz; Cristian BorceaShigeki Yamada
On the Bit Error Probability for Interference Limited Cooperative Networks
Rajitha Senanayake; Phee Lep Yeoh; Jamie Evans

Session 5: Mobile Cellular and Wireless Networks – III

Thursday 21st November – 10:50 – 12:30 
Investigations on passive discovery schemes for IEEE 802.15.4 based Body Sensor Networks
Saima Ali; Ehsan Tabatabaei Yazdi; Andreas Willig
Spatial Blocking in Poisson Cellular Networks with Random Channel Reuse

Yeqing Hu; Yi Hong; Jamie Evans
AVHRC:A Scheme to Improve QoS for VoIP Traffic
Muhammad Tahir Baig; Zawar Shah; Adeel Baig
Decentralized Coding Algorithm in Data Centric Storage for Wireless Sensor Networks
Khandakar Ahmed; Mark A. Gregory

Session 6: Performance Analysis

Thursday 21st November – 13:30 – 15:10 
End-to-end bandwidth measurement method considering effects on power-saving routers
Daisuke Kobayashi; Go Hasegawa; Masayuki Murata 
Performance Analysis of a City Smart Grid Communication Network based on the IEEE 802.16e Standard
Khalid Saad; Jamil Y Khan
Experimental Performance Analysis of Current Bypass Anti-Tampering in Smart Energy Meters
Chaiyod Pirak
An Energy Aware Mobile-Controlled Handover Method for Natural Disaster Situations
Sayan Kumar Ray; William Liu; Harsha R Sirisena; Swapan K. Ray; Devatanu DekaSession 7: Channel Modelling and Scheduling

Thursday 21st November – 15:30 – 17:10 
Investigation of Forward Error Correction Coding Schemes for a Broadcast Communication System
Xiaohan Wang; Andreas Willig; Graeme K Woodward
Optimal Random Parameter EM Based Kalman Filter (REKF) for Fast Fading MIMO Channel Estimation
Amrita Mishra; Gayathri R; Aditya K Jagannatham
Cross-layer MIMO-Links Exploiting Packet Re-routing Mechanisms and Adaptive Modulation in Diverse Channel Condition
Erwin Anggadjaja; Ian McLoughlin
Performance Analysis of an Enhanced Delay Sensitive LTE Uplink Scheduler for M2M Traffic
Nusrat Afrin; Jason Brown; Jamil Y Khan

Session 8: Networks and Management

Thursday 21st November – 15:30 – 17:10 
Energy Aware Survivable Routing Approaches for Next Generation Networks
Bing Luo; William Liu; Adnan Al-Anbuky
Generalised Unavailability and Generalised Nines in Designing Services for Maximum Profit
Bob Warfield
Monitoring available bandwidth in overlay networks using local information exchange
Hoang Dinh; Go Hasegawa; Masayuki Murata 
Video-Aware Measurement-Based Admission Control
Safeen Qadir; Alexander A. Kist

Session 9: Network - Based Applications

Friday 22nd November – 10:50 – 12:30 
WCMT: Web Censorship Monitoring Tool
Shadi Esnaashari; Ian Welch; Brenda Chawner
Virtualization and New Generation Network Design
Aun Haider; Harsha R Sirisena; Richard J Harris
Video Conferencing Solution for Medical Applications in Low-Bandwidth Networks
Arun Shankar Narayanan; Kok Kiong TanMEETING ROOM - a Secure Multi-Access, Cross-Platform Telemedicine Application
Geck Keat Chan, Tan Kok Kiong, Arun Shankar Narayanan

Session 10: Quality of Service

Friday 22nd November – 13:30 – 14:45 
Assessment of the rating performance of ITU-T recommended Video Quality Metrics in the context of video freezes
Tahir Nawaz Minhas; Muhammad Shahid; Andreas Rossholm; Benny Lövström; Hans-Juergen Zepernick; Markus Fiedler
QoS-Aware Cross-Layer Scheduling for Cognitive Radio Networks with Heterogeneous Data Traffics
Yin Hui Chye; Eryk Dutkiewicz; Rein Vesilo; Ren Ping Liu
A QoS Guaranteed Energy Optimized Packet Transmission Technique for the IEEE802.11 WLAN
Wan Norsyafizan W Muhamad W.Muhamad; Jamil Y Khan; Jason Brown